Weekly Motivation to help with your training 20/12/16

Each week we will post a Motivational Video with a few thoughts to help you gain, maintain & deliver the best results in your training.

December 20/12/16

TopicUsain Bolt

The fastest human ever timed & the first man to hold both 100m & 200m world records.

Usain Bolt Wiki

Check out the 3min clip of Usain Bolt putting in the work behind the results. With some great words, worth a listen to.

“People say it looks so easy, effortless… but its not… there are days i dont want to get up… its so hard and alot of people dont know”

“The work is behind the scenes, competition is the easy part”


It’s nice to see footage of the hard work being put in. It can be so easy to see the results some achieve and forget that hard work is always behind the results.

People can consider Usain Bolt’s skills as “God given” but regardless of the natural physical skills Bolt was gifted with, it all means nothing without hard work, dedication and a mindset developed to achieve greatness.




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