Kru P. Paah (Pipa) JockyGym joins Phuket Top Team

Kru P. Paah is an encyclopedia of Muay Thai with his influence on many of the greatest champions.

100+ fights experience at the highest level. Pipa took to his role as a trainer with great success.

As a Kru at Jocky Gym in the 90’s golden era of Muay Thai. Jocky Gym produces no less than 27 Lumpinee & Rajadamnern champions in its prime.

Pipa worked as the coach of some of the most skillful, technical & beautiful fighters to compete in Muay Thai.

Somrak Khamsing
Gold Medal '96 Olympics - Boxing
Muay Thai record 289 wins 10 loss 1 draw
Boxing record 150 wins 50 loss

3 x Muay Thai world champion
4 x Lumpinee champion across 4 weight classes

Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam
3 x Rajadamneren Champion across 3 weight classes
3 x Muay Thai world champion
1 x WLF Kickboxing world champion

Pipa teaches a very illusive, technical style of fighting (Muay Fimeu), and those teachings are evident when looking at those 3 names above.

Now in his 50’s Pipa has a wealth of knowledge & is still extremely active on pads & sparring.

Pipa joins longtime student & current fighter – Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam.

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